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What to expect at Barcelona food tour

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Barcelona is one of the biggest cities of Spain. Known as home to the biggest football club FC Barcelona, this city is a dream destination for the lovers of European vacation. Buzzing with the football activities and festivals throughout the year, this city can be best experienced through Food Tours Barcelona.

Food tour to Barcelona, as the name suggests, comprise mainly of food trips to popular local eateries and the important locations of the city. Here is a brief overview of a typical food tour and it certainly is exciting enough to prompt you booking the one for the coming vacation.


  • Walk through small streets: Food tour basically is a walking tour having pit-stops like local eateries. The walking through the unexplored portions of the city with a local help you experience the life here as is. You can get a glimpse of the fisherman life of Barcelonata through these walking tours.



  • Tapas: Some consider tapas as the food joints offering quick bites, others have labeled a variety of foods as tapas and the places offering these are known as tapas bars. Tapas can be the toppings of different varieties served on the top of the crusty pieces of bread. Thus, you can enjoy an interesting twist given to omelettes, mussels, hams and so on.


  • Paella meals: Paella is the rice dish made more enriched with the seafood. The Spanish cuisine has special place for sea food, tomatoes and olives in its various dishes. Paella utilizes all these three popular ingredients in the best manner and offers a mouth-watering meal that can keep you going for hours. Also, it tastes best in the local eateries that are yet to find their place in the tour guides.



  • Wine tasting: A variety of wines are developed in Barcelona. The best one to try is Forget Sangria which is actually the red wine made more tangy with the fizzy lemonade. Various home developed wines are also offered to the tourists who are eligible for alcoholic drinks in a typical food tour.


So, book the food tour to Barcelona this season to get the best possible views of the city along with the amazing cuisine that only locals can introduce you to.

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