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The Perfect Knife Comes from the Perfect making

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At all times, among the devices used in the kitchen, particular preference was given to those that were made in the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese knives are famous for their sharpness, strength and faithful service to their master for many years. What makes them the best in the world market and a welcome gift for every housewife? From the Kamikoto Trustpilot you can have all the supports now.

Features of Japanese Cutters

Surprisingly, in a country whose inhabitants prefer ingenuous dishes, consisting mainly of rice, fish and vegetables, which are subjected to minimal processing, they make strong and sharp knives.

It’s all about national characteristics. The Japanese are connoisseurs of aesthetics. Despite the simplicity and conciseness of their kitchen, appliances designed for cooking, put forward incredibly high demands. So that subsequently the dish could be eaten with chopsticks, all products should be very thinly sliced, and to satisfy not only hunger, but also the Japanese’s thirst for everything beautiful, the ingredients should look like neat pieces.

Serving is of great importance: neat slices are laid out on a plate one by one, chopped filling of seafood, vegetables and herbs is rolled into rolls, the remaining items are arranged in a strict order. Every Japanese knows a lot about a good dinner.

Knife classification

Unfortunately, the true age of this item will forever remain a mystery to archaeologists, but its popularity began to increase already from the XIV century. It all started with the city of Sakai, where ancient masters made the first samurai sword and became known throughout the world. After a couple of centuries, the same city was famous for artisans creating unique kitchen knives. Perhaps the secret is in hydrocarbon steel, thanks to which the item serves for many years and in a special sharpening method, similar to that used to create samurai swords.

It is almost impossible to count and list all types of Japanese knives – there are many of them. The name of each of them ends with “boto”, which means the word knife itself. The most popular of them:

Debabotois designed for cutting meat, fish and poultry. He easily copes with small bones, but large ones cannot be broken. The average length of such a blade is 300 mm, and the thickness is 12 mm. The blade of such a product is sharpened stronger than the heel. Usually both parts work: blade and butt.

Nakiribotyo is the owner of an ultra-thin blade edge. Its purpose is to chop vegetables. The shape of the blade of this type can differ either in a rectangular end or in a rounded shape. In any case, the blade of such a knife will be black in any certified manufacturer. There is a variety – Usubaboto. Japanese chefs use this kitchen knife in restaurants, cafes and bars.

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