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Lebanese foods,Geographic setting and environment:

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Situated on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea,Lebanon has an area of 4,015 square miles.The Lebanon mountains are rugged. East of the Lebanon mountains is the Bekaa Valley,an extremely fertile flatland. At the eastern flank of the Bekaa stands Mount Hermon, straddling the border with Syria. Lebanon contains few river,and its harbors are mostly shallow and small,with polluted coastal waters. Lebanon has an extraordinary varied climate :within a 45_minutes drive in winter,spring and fall,both skiing and swimming are possible. Less than 30% of Lebanon’s total area can support crop production. Expansion of cultivated area is limited by the arid and rugged nature of the land.

Lebanese food

The most delicious Lebanese food :

Lebanon is known for its delicious and varied foods. Many people travel to the country to try and enjoy the food. When you hears about Lebanese food,what comes to your mind first If kebabs and kibbeh are the first,we wouldn’t blame you because these food are tied to Lebanon in a significant way,but the food in Lebanon is much more varied than just kebabs.

The Lebanese diet focuses on herbs,spices and fresh ingredients (the Lebanese rarely eat leftovers), relying less on heavy sauces. Mint,parsley,oregano,garlic,allspice,nutmeg,and cinnamon are the most common seasonings.

Bread,a staple food in Lebanon in served with almost every meal,most often as a bread,or pita. It is so crucial ti the Lebanese diet that some Arabic dialects refer to it as “esh” meaning “life”.

Lebanese food:

Kousa bi banadoura :

This dish is actually a pumpkin filled with meat and rice. These pumpkins are then cooked in tomato sauce,with other ingredients such as onions, garlic and dried mint that added at the end. Sometimes besides these pumpkins,some filled eggplants are also cooked with the same ingredients. Another version of thus dish is eggplant cooked in Arabic yogurt.

Shish barak :

Thus food,probably influenced by the Ottomans,consists of small meat cake cooked in sour yogurt and then cooked with onions,garlic and coriander. while serving this dish,this soup is poured over a mixture of rice and lentils.

Warak enab :

Lebanese food

Vines leaves dolma is one of the most delicious and famous Lebanese dishes. This meal is served on religious holiday such as Eid. But in some house,this dish is a fixed food of the menu. One of the reasons this food is less on the menu is because of the laborious process of preparing it. The dimensions of the leaves of the vine should be a certain size,and the ingredients in this vine must be enough and finally you should wrap this vine with the ingredients and cooked it for one night. These small rolls are cooked in a mixture of lemon juice and a layer of meat,all which makes this dish special.

Bitata bi kezbara :

It is a small snack made from fried potatoes that is flavored with coriander and sometimes chili. For some locals this dish is very tasty and they eat this this for lunch once a day. This dish is usually served with pita bread.

Lahm bi ajeen :

Perhaps one of the most delicious breads in Lebanon is Lahm bi ajeen. What sets this dish apart from its counterpart,Safiha,is the method of cooking meat. The meat is cooked first with onions,mint and then with parsley and pomegranate paste and the spread on the dough. They are usually served this dish as a appetizer,but can sometimes be eating as a main meal.

Lebanese food

The Lebanese tend to fry everything. Vegetables,meat and chicken can be fried in plenty of oil. Some of the most common foods include fried cauliflower or eggplant. Some housewives make a version of this meal consisting of fried cauliflower,eggplants and potatoes that is usually served with pita bread.



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