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Just Opened a New Deli and Not Sure What to Buy?

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The food industry continues to evolve as new technological advancements are introduced every few months. Today, the use of plastic takeaway containers and films guarantees that food will have a longer shelf life. This is good news to deli owners as flexible packaging films come with numerous high barrier properties.

Such properties are essential in helping to preserve exception product quality, food texture, nutrients, and freshness. The plastic and film barrier properties for CO2, light, water, and oxygen assist in fighting the ongoing war against food wastage. Apart from modified atmosphere packaging, there is always a chance to learn more about plastic takeaway containers.

Benefits include:


A re-closable food pack is a must-have for any deli owner. It ensures that food that has already been opened remains in peak condition for a longer duration.
When the food product held in the container is finished, the pouch can be cleaned and reused to hold other food items.
The fact that it is reusable means that it can be utilized as a multiple-use pack.


Another benefit that comes with using plastic containers is the fact that they provide flexible packaging. It is a benefit that assists in reducing food wastage by extending its lifespan by a few more days.
For instance, you can easily extend beef’s shelf life by up to five days or longer. All you need to do is make sure that you are using modern plastic packaging solutions. Did you know that using 1.5 grams of wrapping film with a takeout container can keep your cucumber fresh for up to two weeks?
Flexible packaging also happens to be quite light, which in turn helps to reduce storage and transportation costs. A single truckload of plastic containers is equivalent to 14 truckloads of rigid packaging containers.


When you use the Waste-to-Energy process to recycle your plastic containers, you get to transform the waste products into clean and fully viable energy. Today, close to sixty percent of all Waste-to-Energy plants present in Europe are able to provide both heat and electricity.
Plastic container packaging is important for the preservation, protection, transportation, and storage of perishable products. Additionally, it also means that more is produced using fewer products: fewer resources, less energy, less waste, and reduced operating costs.
The reality is that plastic food containers provide a lighter packaging option. In addition, they are more innovative, more resistance, more hygienic, safer, and more flexible than any other material in use today.


As a consumer, you should note that plastic packaging currently represents close to thirty-nine percent of the entire plastics market in the European Union. Looking at such a statistic, it is quite clear that plastic packaging, especially in the food industry makes up a very large portion of our everyday life. There is a need to recognize the fact that packaging provides indispensable protection for products that we deem important in our lives. This is an important benefit if we take the correct steps to ensure that takeaway containers are recycled or properly disposed of.


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