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All You Need to Know about Buying Pork

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There are a lot of things which you need to keep in your mind while buying the meat, especially pork. From smelling it for freshness to thoroughly checking the quality, there are many steps involved in the buying process.

Before you went shopping

Before you head out for the supermarket to buy the fresh pork (หมูสด, which is the term in Thai), here’s all that you’ll need to consider.

  • Buy the meat according to your feeding plans. 4 ounces of boneless and raw pork should be enough to cook 3 ounces of meat serving. This should give you an exact idea about the quantity that you would need for your family meal.
  • Next should be the occasion- Are you’re planning a weekend family evening or is it going to be a full-fledged holiday dinner with the extended family? In the case of former, go with the quick pork starters like cutlets, cubes or sticks. For latter, however, you may choose something which takes longer to cook and needs your little attention like pork roasts- This will give you ample time to prepare the other dishes on the menu.

Buying Requisites   

You need to check following on the label before buying pork.

  • Meat Type: The first thing that you must check on the label is the type of meat to know if it is beef, lamb, chicken or pork.
  • The Primal Cut: This information specifies the animal part from which the meat has been derived like leg, loin etc. This information is helpful for you to estimate the tenderness of the cut- Accordingly; you can choose the cooking methodology.
  • Retail Cut: It specifies the smaller part taken from the primal cut. It might mention the terms like rib chop, blade roast etc.
  • Price: You’ll notice that the boneless pork is costlier but it is also better to buy because here the cost of bone is saved. In order to get the best deal, always calculate the cost per serving.


  • Never buy the pork that is pale and has some liquid discharge inside the packaging- Pinkish red color pork is considered to be of the best quality.
  • Go for marbled pork, it tastes better.
  • Pork with dark-colored bones is not fit for consumption.
  • Also, avoid meat with dark spots.

Keep all these details handy while purchasing the pork next time.


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