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All About Bars

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Bars have been part and parcel of human civilizations from time immemorial. The evidence of beer like highly expensive beverages were found in the records which were served in alehouses in the ancient Mesopotamian civilization. In fact, alcohol, specifically the wine was used as medicinal ingredients in ancient times. In the course of time, alcohol crept into entertainment and lavish usages by the wealthy and ruling class citizens. Get into Mad Hatter Pub the best bar for your entertainment and satisfaction.

Eventually, the consumption of alcohol became common and popular across the entire population from the lower strata of the society to the influential leaders and people in the royal palaces. The types of alcohol and its prices also varied from each other like lower and best qualities of alcohols and cheaper and costly alcohols. In course of the past centuries, alcohol has gone through various phases of ups and downs, especially 1920s to 30s in the US from the illegal and crime considered enterprises of prohibition to glamorous and highly profitable multi-million business till date.

You can trace back the ancient and traditional form of bars in ancient Greece and Rome. There are many narrations of the countryside and city-based taverns serving mild and tough alcoholic beverages with delicious food, especially to travellers. Over the period, the popularity and business of these taverns increased and they enormously flourished. Along with alcohol and food, they also included various entertainments and games. After the fall of the Roman empire, these taverns also decreased in number and quality, and they survived only with serving food, stables and lodging for the travellers.

Public houses were very popular during the Saxon period in England where big gatherings were seen for personal and business dealings. It is said that “taverns” were the places which served the purposes of fabrics for the new world to bloom. In the mid of 1600 AD, these taverns became so popular that every town built a tavern which served business and socio-political purposes of the people along with food, beverages and lodging. However, in the 1650s, the taverns were restricted as illegal by the church.

By 1800 AD the taverns around the world were transformed into modern hotels and during the same time numerous saloons were set up in each street corner in big number. Eventually, with so many saloons, the business of taverns, as well as the saloons, decreased substantially, giving birth to tough competition between each other introducing illegal and criminal activities. By the time world war 1 broke out, the crime in the saloons and taverns increased to such an extent that the US had to enforce prohibition in 1920.


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