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6 Components of a Great Home Bar

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A home bar could just before your own pleasure or for entertaining guests. Regardless of what you want a home bar for, there are certain elements that make a home bar great.

You can hire Dawnvale to build you a home bar in any part of the house. In whichever location you choose, you should ensure that the space is well utilised and the style is an authentic expression of your style.

To ensure your home bar sufficiently meets your needs you should include the following:

Open shelf

An open shelf serves a variety of purposes. For starters, it provides easy access to your alcohol collection. You do not have to keep opening and shutting a lock or a frame to access your drinks. An open shelf especially on a wall uses little space while giving the bar style.

Bar sink

It is a good idea to have a sink in your home bar. You will probably want to separate your bar glasses from the rest of the glasses in the house.

 You can clean them and immediately return them to the bar. It also helps if you want to quickly clean some glasses when entertaining.

The faucet you place above the sink is also important. Make it unique and unlike the other faucets in the room. A bar styled faucet will really give your home bar some character.


A home bar would not be complete without a fridge in which to store your drinks. There are few things better than a cold beer on a hot day.

 You can keep the libations you want to stay cool in the fridge while the warm ones are on the shelves.

A smaller fridge is ideal for your home bar. The fridge should fit the space and complement the bar’s style.

Ice maker

If you like your whisky or vodka on the rocks then your bar should definitely include an ice maker. You can get some ice whenever you feel like having a cold drink and you do not have to keep rushing to the store to buy ice when you have company over.

The icemaker should also not cramp up the place and should be easy to access.

Glass holders

There is limited shelf space on a home bar which is typically used to hold the alcohol bottles. A glass holder will provide additional storage space for glasses in the bar.

The glass holder will also provide easy access to glasses when you have a party. Try and get a glass holder that complement’s the bar’s finish.

Bar stools

A bar stool is classic component of any bar and a must have for your home bar. The stools at your home bar will especially come in handy when you are entertaining guests in your home.

The bar stools should also add to the bar’s style. However, do not substitute beauty for functionality. Guest falling off their stools at a party can really dampen the mood.

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