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5 Food Recipes Perfect For Both You and Your Dog

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You are what you eat, And that’s as true for our furry friends as it is for us. But although we may thoroughly research every morsel of nutrition that passes our own lips, we’re not always as diligent when it comes to what goes in our beloved beasts’ bellies. It’s not because we don’t care. Far from it. It’s just because we entrust pet food companies with our furry friends’ health… And the unfortunate truth is that this trust isn’t always well founded. Indeed, some commercially available dog foods contain all sorts of nasty matter from meat unfit for human consumption to vegetable extracts that come from old boiled newspapers. 

Fortunately, there are many healthy, balanced and ethically sourced pet foods out there. Check out https://barkingheads.co.uk/ for a good example. Nonetheless, when the cupboard is bare and you don’t have any healthy pet food close to hand, don’t forget that pampered pooches love leftovers. Unlike their lupine ancestors, dogs are able to digest vegetables and starches as well as protein sources, meaning that many of the healthy meals we enjoy are also perfect for them. Such as…

Apples and peanut butter

Many of us combine slices of apple with dollops of delicious peanut butter for a light yet nutritious snack that’s full of vitamins, protein, fibre and healthy fats. Leave the skin on but remove the core and seeds and your dog will enjoy a healthy snack that will also keep them cool on hot days. 

Unsalted plain popcorn

This cinema classic is perfect for enjoying a movie night-in with your favourite four-legged film fan. A couple of handfuls of popcorn are a perfectly healthy snack for dogs. Indeed, popcorn contains important minerals like phosphorous, magnesium, and calcium. Just be sure to pick out any unpopped kernels. 

Scrambled eggs

Looking for a quick post-gym snack? Eggs are a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of protein as well as healthy fats and vitamin D. Scramble your eggs with a little olive oil and serve on a bed of veggies and wholegrains. It’s a healthy and nutritious snack that both you and your dog will love!

Salmon and green beans

Tasty, satisfying and healthy- we all know that salmon is an excellent source of lean protein and omega 3s as well as vitamin B12 and minerals like potassium and selenium. Serve up a slice of tasty salmon with some green beans and you get more vitamins and a little extra fibre. And this healthy human meal also doubles as a luxurious treat for pampered pooches!

Pasta with peas and carrots

Pasta is amazing comfort food and its high fibre content helps you feel full. But did you know that your furry friend can also enjoy a little boiled pasta as part of a balanced diet? Use fresh or frozen peas and carrots rather than canned to get the most nutrition from your veggies and you have the perfect healthy meal for when the cupboards are bare and the shops are closed.

This humble yet heart meal is full of vitamin A and B vitamins to ensure a healthy metabolism and a glossy coat!

So, the next time you’re running low on quality pet food, don’t settle for low quality cheap alternatives. Simply share your leftovers!


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