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5 Famous Types of Pizza in the World

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The pizza, one of the most delicious recipes among all foods in the contemporary world is originated in ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece and got popularity in the 18th century in Italy. The Italian Queen Margherita discovered pizza from the Italian peasants which ware counted as poor man’s food among the nobles in Italy. The queen then took interest in developing pizza and engaged the famous chef Raffaele Esposito who eventually made royal pizza for the queen with Italian flag colour red, white and green. Today, the pizza has reached each and every corner of the entire nations across the world with different types, names, tastes, sizes and prices of pizzas. Find your favourite Double Pizza in any of your best pizzerias near your place. Know the five types of world-famous pizzas below.

  1. Lahma Bi Ajeen: Lahma Bi Ajeen is a Lebanese terminology meaning “meat with dough” also knows in many other names in different countries. This pizza is made out of minced onions, cumin, yoghurt and normally ground lamb. This pizza is famous for its delicious taste.
  2. Margherita: The name of Margherita pizza is derived from the pizza made by famous chef Raffaele Esposito by the royal order of Italian queen Margherita in 1889. It was from this incident that the pizza got popularity in Italy and then by the soldiers of World War II in Europe and America. The unique topping of Margherita pizza is made out of mozzarella cheese, tomato, and fresh basil. Since the origin of Margherita pizza by Raffaele, the colour of the pizza represents the Italian flag red, white and green which is still there.
  3. Stromboli: It is a popular notion that the Stromboli and the Calzones are identical to each other. But there are different theories which claim different origins of Stromboli. The Italian pizzeria and restaurant Romano’s claim that the Stromboli was originated by Nazzareno Romano in 1950 in Essington, the township of Tinicum, outside of Philadelphia. Another popular phenomenon claims that Mike Aquino invented Stromboli in 1954 in Spokane, Washington. Nazzareno named the Stromboli after the movie Stromboli.
  4. Calzone: The meaning of the Italian word Calzone is “stocking”. The Calzone is shaped semicircle and made out of dough and other usual pizza ingredients.
  5. Marinara: The Marinara is a flat pizza made out of oil, garlic, tomato and oregano. This is one of the most favoured pizzas from ancient times in Italy. The Marinara or marinai in the Italian language was the most preferred pizza among the sailors who stored it on their voyages.
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